Realme 8 Pro : a good mid range smartphone


The company has made a dynamic entry – θήκες κινητών – , offering some of the most value for money devices on the market, with excellent prices and very competitive hardware. Realme 8 Pro is no exception, as its price is where the category and the competition protect.


Realme 8 Pro is a really beautiful device in terms of appearance. We will find a very beautiful back, with the slogan of the company, which we would say is very special and beautiful. The construction is made of plastic, which is unfortunately felt in the hand. Beyond that, however, we have a very comfortable grip device, with a curvature at the back to hug it more easily.

What we liked most, however, is that the company managed to fit a jack for our headphones, something we really want in our devices again. As a whole, it is a very beautiful and very handy device, which will probably satisfy anyone acquire. We would like a more premium feel in the hand, such as the Realme  7 5G, but we would not say that it is a deal breaker.


In the part of the screen we have a 6.4 inches AMOLED, which is not common in this category. Its resolution is FHD + and the refresh rate is limited to 60Hz. The truth is that we would like the 120Hz we found in Realme 7 5G, maybe it’s our fault that lately we use 90+ Hz screens and we understand the difference when we return to 60Hz.

The AMOLED display has very realistic colors and excellent viewing angles. The size is very good for viewing content, while the resolution is enough to produce 411ppi, pixel density.

What is impressive, however, is that the screen can reach a brightness of 1000nits, a feature that we usually see in flagships. This way we will not have the slightest problem when using outdoors. With such a quality AMOLED screen and with such brightness, we can easily overlook the 60Hz of the screen.


In the audio part we have a monaural speaker at the bottom of the device. The sound offers loud bass and clear bonuses. The middle ones fill the sound quite well with the final being quite high quality, always given the price of the device. The volume is at very good levels, but we would like a little more depth in the sound, which of course is rare in the middle class.

But Realme does not leave us complaining, since it has a 3.5mm audio jack for our headphones, with good enough performance to enjoy very good sound, just with a good pair of headphones. Besides, in wired we can find very good solutions, with very little money. In total, the sound of the device will cover us for all our basic needs, without any problems.


What stands out in the device is of course its camera, as it is the first mid-range device we see and comes with a 108MP sensor. The lens is bright enough with f / 1.9 aperture. From this camera we managed to take some very beautiful photos, with very good levels of detail and very good dynamic range.

The very good quality is due to the pixel binning that the device does, combining a total of 8 neighboring pixels into one, which increases the detail levels, while at the same time reducing the noise levels. With this technique we have low noise levels in our night photos, for a device in this category always.

Next to it we will find an 8MP camera with a wide angle lens f / 2.3 for the shots that we can not go further back. 8MP is not enough for such a big shot, but it is a very common resolution for this category. But in the case of the Realme 8 Pro, what it loses in detail, it gains in dynamic range and performance in low light.

The cameras are complemented by a 2MP macro camera, which like all macro cameras in this category, is ok for instagram, but not for anything more. Finally, we have a 2MP camera for calculating the depth of field, so we have a very good bokeh effect on our portraits.

On the front we will find a 16MP camera, with f / 2.5 aperture lens. From this camera we take very good photos in good lighting, with high levels of detail and a very good bokeh effect. The night goes surprisingly well, illuminating our face very well and keeping the noise relatively low. In the video part the Realme  8 Pro can shoot 4K video from the rear camera, with very good levels of detail and fast focus. In total we have a pretty good camera for the money the device is asking for and will definitely meet a user’s daily needs.


In terms of performance we will find inside the Snapdragon 720G, which is a fairly strong chipset. It will run your favorite games with relative ease, while it is also quite good in terms of autonomy.

But what makes the 720G stand out is that it is a capable enough to handle a 108MP camera to process such a large amount of information. The store version has 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, which is enough for every use. Of course there is the possibility of expansion with microSD, if you need more storage space. Of course, the very good performance is confirmed by the benchmarks, as we see below.


Realme traditionally does very well in terms of autonomy and the Realme  8 Pro is no exception. The battery in the device is at 4500mAh and supports a charger at 50W, which means that charging from 1% to 50% takes 17 minutes and a full charge will take only 47 minutes. Such fast charging is definitely not common in a device of this category.


Realme 8 Pro is definitely one of the devices that we must keep in mind if we are targeting this category. What is certain is that in this money the competition is fierce. Realme 8 Pro, however, has some very powerful features that can definitely lead it into the pocket of every user in this category.

With a beautiful design, a very powerful camera and AMOLED screen, the 8 Pro paints the image of a very good device for the middle class. If we had stereo sound and a higher refresh rate, then the device would be really flawless, but that might have raised the price of the device enough to switch to a higher product price. What is certain is that you should put it on the list of devices that you should check if you are targeting in this category.

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