What are dishwasher faults?


What are dishwasher faults?

We can say with confidence that the dishwasher is one of the favourite electrical appliances – ηλεκτρολογικές εργασίες – of the whole family. Unfortunately, dishwasher faults are not uncommon.

If you have never had to wash a stack of dishes and pots because the washing machine broke down, you can not imagine the disappointment. If you still belong to the category of people who have not yet rested in this little luxury, we will recommend you to try it. 24gr.gr dedicates this article to you who were faced with a small flood, who found food scraps on the “freshly washed dishes” and lipstick on the rim of the glass!

We asked the best repairers of our platform, what are the most common faults of the dishwasher. So they listed the most popular causes of problems and we present them to you!

The most common dishwasher faults

1. The dishes remain dirty

You turn on the washing machine and run to complete the rest of the housework. After you hurry to empty the washing machine to catch them all, you realize that the dishes are still dirty. “Did I forget to put it on?” are you thinking. No, just this is one of the most common dishwasher faults.

The hose, nozzle or sprayer is probably clogged. In this case the problem is solved quite easily. The washing machine will need to be disconnected to remove all the water from inside. Then, under the guidance of the manufacturer, all holes will be cleaned. After reconnecting the washing machine, turn it on to check if the problem is solved!

2. The dishes remain dirty

If the problem is not solved in the above way, the washing machine may not be to blame. Many times dishwasher damage is due to other factors, such as lack of hot water. If the water is not hot enough to melt the fat, then the dishes will continue to come out dirty. In this case it might be best to contact an experienced electrician or plumber depending on the problem.

3. Water escapes from the washing machine door

Leakage is probably the worst of the dishwasher failures. If you do not catch the situation quickly, you can very easily face the swan lake. In the first stage you should find out if there is a plate, glass or other utensil that prevents the door from closing. If this is not the case then maybe the door is not tangled properly. Here the solution is either to tighten the screw or to change the door hinge.

4. The washing machine causes noise pollution

Living with a noisy dishwasher can be really difficult. Especially when you want to enjoy your peace after a hard and stressful day, the dishwasher is the last sound you want to hear. The source of the electrical problem in this case is probably the fan or motor. After many years of operation the fan and the motor blades may be damaged.

Have you encountered dishwasher faults? There is no cause for concern.

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